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It has come to our attention that a person/persons are engaged in fraudulent efforts to sell filtration products on behalf of ESS Corp. The person is rude and abrasive and is able to use ESS Corp. caller ID (a practice commonly known as “spoofing”). ESS Corp. assures that we are not engaged in these activities and have filed a complaint with the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre (CAFC file # 2015-9316). If you do receive this type of call please do not hesitate to contact us directly and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Gas Filters

Filter Separator

Filter housings designed such that a single housing will filter particulate and liquid from compressed gas streams. Typically they employ either dry gas or coalescing elements and some secondary stage for liquid separation like demister/mesh pads or twister pipes. Liquids are collected in a sump and drained. Typical uses are compressed natural gas and other hydrocarbon gases. Pressure ratings to 5000 PSI, ASME code stamp, CRN and NACE compliance available. Numerous closure options and custom designs. Materials of construction include carbon steel, 304 & 316 SS and various alloys such as Alloy 20 & Hastelloy C-276.